Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dinner at Nick & Sam's

Last night Bob and I went to dinner at Nick & Sam's here in Dallas. This was a business dinner with one of Bob's clients, Otis Hatcher with Chartis. I usually do not get asked to go along when Bob has his business dinners, but I was certainly thrilled to go! Bob and I were not the only ones who were asked to go to this dinner. Another underwriter and a visitor from the New York Chartis office were there too. They talked a lot of business, but that was OK with me. I just enjoyed having some good salmon for dinner in a beautiful setting and being able to get dressed up and go out. I would have whipped out the camera on my phone and taken some photos, but I know Bob would have died of embarrassment, so I spared him. I hope I get asked again sometime.

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