Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Friends

This morning I received one of those Internet generated emails that proclaims that this week is "National Girlfriend & Sister's Week". I've seen it many times before from various friends who have sent it to me, so there must be more than one "National Girlfriend & Sister's Week". Anyway, it reminded me of a photo contest I entered in September 1990. You were to photograph what you thought were "Best Friends" and send your photo in for the contest. I decided to invite four six-year-old girls from my neighborhood over for a tea party and I would photograph them as they played. I went to a thrift shop and bought some dress-up clothes -- dresses, hats, purses, shoes, jewelry -- for the girls to wear. They had their tea party and I took pictures of them. This is my favorite photo that I took that I entered in the contest. Actually, I missed the best shot! Molly, the little girl in the shawl, fell off of her shoes and ended up on the floor. All of the girls were full of giggles! That would have been the contest winner, I'm sure! This photo was taken after Molly put her high-heeled shoes back on and got posed for the picture. If you would like to see the other photos that I took that day, here is my Shutterfly link --

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