Sunday, March 13, 2011

Found Objects in Bob's Desk Drawers

I went searching for some Post-It notes in Bob's desk drawer the other day and I not only found the Post-It notes, I found several other items that I thought I could use on my Dizzy Discards jewelry! "Found Objects" are really "in" right now in jewelry. There was this AR-2ax plaque and the brass bell (on the right on this photo) among other objects that I found in his desk drawer. I asked Bob what this AR-2ax plaque was and he told me that it was off of an old speaker that he used to have. Why he was saving it is beyond me, but I'm glad he did! It made a unique base for my new pin! I attached the brass bell, a metal thingymabob and a little red metal car that I purchased at a bead store. I also added some metal gears and a pin back. I might take this to the Walleska store for her to sell on consignment, or I might just keep this one for myself. If you have any "found objects" that you might find in your drawers, on your work bench or elsewhere that you don't know what to do with, send them my way! Cindy and I use old jewelry and watches that you might want to throw out too!

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  1. I still have the speaker. It's in the living room along with the other of the pair. I didn't put the plaques back on them after I replaced the cloth on them.

    They are 37 years old and still work well. Although I did have speakers re-coned some years ago.