Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Photo Scanner

I am an organized person and I don't like having STUFF around that takes up space -- precious space since we are in a small, two-bedroom apartment. Since we have moved three times in the past three years, I certainly don't want lots of STUFF to move! I am trying to get rid of STUFF that we do not need or items that we can do without. I have always enjoyed taking photos ever since I was a young kid and I have saved all of my photos since I got my first camera around the age of ten. In 1985, I took some photography classes and I started taking semi-professional photos of a few weddings and portraits in the park. I have saved all of these photos. When I worked at Apache Corporation from 1985 - 1996, I became their photographer and took photos of all special events -- Christmas parties, Corporate Challenge, Open Houses, etc. And I have kept all of those photos. And this was during a time when there were no digital cameras. All of my photos were done with film and I had prints made of all of them. I have these photo boxes that hold 1,000 photos in each box and I have 10 boxes. I also have about 10 albums of photos. And, a HUGE box of photos that were taken when I was a young kid, prior to 1970. And, I have photos still in frames sitting in boxes because we have no space on our walls for them. So, as you can see I have a LOT of photos! I happened to mention to Bob that I wanted to scan all of the hard copies of photos that I have and put them on CD's and in Shutterfly albums. I am a huge fan of Shutterfly! I have 231 albums on it now before I have even started scanning any of these photos! I wasn't sure how to go about scanning all of these photos since it would take a lot of time with my scanner that is hooked up to my computer. I asked Bob if he knew a better way to scan these photos. I happened to ask on just the right day! (He calls me a witch sometimes since I have a second sense about these kinds of things.) Every morning, Bob looks at WOOT.com for the "Deal of the Day" and on the day I asked him about scanning all of my photos, he had seen this 4x6 photo scanner selling for $24! This scanner is still selling on WOOT, but it now is selling for $67. And I priced them at Office Depot and the cheapest one was $149! Needless to say, Bob ordered the 4x6 photo scanner for me and he said this was the best investment of his money he has ever made! I received the scanner and so far I have scanned three boxes of photos. This isn't a project that will get done overnight, but a little at a time and I can then throw out all of these boxes of photos and make room on my shelves for more STUFF!!

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