Monday, March 14, 2011

Song Stuck In My Head and I Can't Get It Out!

Last Wednesday night Bob and I attended the Ash Wednesday service at our church, Emanuel Lutheran. During the Lenten season, we sing a lot of dreary songs and one of them has been stuck in my head ever since! And to make matters even worse, we sang that same song again on Sunday morning! I'm sure we will sing this song several more times during the Lenten season.

One time I saw this cartoon where a man was about to jump over a ledge that had no bottom and the sign at the top of it said, "Song Stuck In Your Head Leap". Well, I am about to take the leap! I went online to see if anyone had a suggestion for getting these unwanted songs out of your head and here is what one website had to say:


  1. This is simple so try it first. Sing “Walk Like an Egyptian” (by the Bangles) a few times. Sing just the “Walk like an Egyptian” part and maybe the “ay oh whey oh” since that’s the only words you know anyway. This works because it is too short to get stuck in your head.
  2. A similar way to get rid of a song in your head is to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" in your head curtly, like you are speaking it instead of singing it. Don't concentrate on it too much, think of it as routine, like taking a shower.(This way helps a lot more with phrases of a song that play over and over) This song is so ridiculous that it should hold your attention long enough to let that other song wiggle out through your ear . Now if that gets the "I'm a Little Tea Pot" song stuck in your head than you should try the longer but more efficient way as follows.
  3. Start writing a list of songs that get stuck with in your head. They can be good, bad and the ugly. You will find that some you like more than others. Some you may hate. Some you may love.
  4. As this list grows, you will find that some are "stickier" than others and will force their way to the top of the "sticky" playlist in your head. Make a note of which tunes are the "stickiest".
  5. Pick the "stickiest" tune that you really like, and when you get stuck with a song you need to get out of your head, play one of the tunes that are the "stickiest" songs that you like. This should push the bad "sticky" tune out of your head.
  6. If the bad song comes back, play another good "sticky" song. Eventually it will be overwhelmed and will stay out.
  7. Do something active or noisy. Go and play a round of hitting a ball against a wall, kicking the soccer ball or watch a noisy sports game. You'll soon be thinking of other things.
  8. Go to the nearest computer or CD and play that song OVER, AND , OVER, AND , OVER, AND OVER and then it will get out of your head.
  9. Turn down the mental volume of the song until it is sung in a whisper.
  10. Think about a song that you do like, and one that you enjoy singing. Anytime the annoying song pops into your head, start singing or humming the better song.
  11. Concentrate your thoughts on something else. Try a riddle, mental math, or reciting a poem.
  12. Get involved in physical exercise.
  13. Shout in your head.
  14. Go someplace no one will hear and shout out loud. If such a place is unavailable, just talk to someone.
  15. Play a CD that has international music while doing math facts.
  16. A lot of times, you may find that you can't even remember all the lyrics of a song that is stuck in your head. one slightly strange method of getting it out is to either listen to that song, and pay attention to the lyrics, then immediately play another song you like, or you could try looking up the lyrics, and read them while listening to another song. Figuring out what the next few words in a song are may get it out of your head if it's stuck because you don't know some words.
  17. Think of other songs that annoy you and sing it out loud, even if you can't sing.
  18. Play a video game or watch a movie that has a good story that you don't know about. (Video games are more effective because you get to interact.)
  19. If you're trying to get to sleep, listen to the sound of your breathing.
  20. Write down the lyrics to a completely different song and read (but don't sing) them out loud a few times. Then read a book or a magazine.
If any of you have any other suggestions, please let me know what works for you.

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