Thursday, March 31, 2011

Felted Beaded Purse from Thrift Shop Sweater

I just finished making this felted sweater purse. I call it a "sweater purse" because I bought a wool sweater in December at the Goodwill store for $3.00. I first used the sweater to make the pin on the lower left. Then, I decided to felt the wool sweater. I made the pin on the upper left from the felted wool sweater. I still had plenty of the felted sweater left, so I started to think about what I could make with it. When I was in Florida in January, I saw a cute felted purse at one of the bead stores in Vero Beach that I liked. The purse was pink and purple and it had beads sewn onto the front of it. I knew I could make one like it. I decided to use the felted sweater I had here to make the purse. The purse came out a bit small and I might be able to get my wallet and keys in it and not much else. I still have plenty of the felted sweater left. Do you have any ideas of how I could use it? Maybe I will try making some beads!

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