Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bob & Linda's Wedding - Aug. 27, 1995

In scanning my old photos, I came to the box that had Bob's and my wedding photos in it. Bob and I were married on August 27, 1995, after we had dated for only six months. The pastor asked us what was the rush. Bob told him he didn't want me to get away!

Bob and I met on February 24, 1995, at a photography collective showing at a mall in Tulsa, OK. A mutual friend of ours introduced us. Bob and I started dating a couple of weeks after we met. Bob proposed to me at lunch one Friday in April. I was a bit hesitant, but I finally said "yes" and we planned a wedding in October. On Thursday, August 24th, I was getting very anxious about the wedding and Bob asked me what I wanted to do about it. I told him that I just wanted to walk into the church and get married! No fuss, no muss! We talked to Pastor Sappenfield at Joy Lutheran Church where Bob was a member and I had been going with him since we met. Pastor Sappenfield said he hadn't printed up the bulletins yet, so we could get married that Sunday. I already bought a suit and hat and we picked up a cake on the way to church that Sunday morning. We walked into the church with our five kids and Bob's sister and two brothers who lived in Tulsa on that Sunday, and right before the Peace was shared, Bob and I were married. People who came to church that morning had no idea that they would be attending a wedding! If it looks like Bob's right eye is swollen, it is because the weekend previous we had been on a canoeing trip and it started raining. We found shelter under a tree, but little did we know, there was poison ivy on that tree! Bob got it in his eye. He told people that I socked him in the eye so I could get him to marry me! Here is the link to the Shutterfly photos --

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