Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Has Been One Year Now

A year ago this month, Bob's doctor told him his cholesterol numbers were out of whack and he needed to lose weight. My doctor had been telling me for the past few years that I also needed to lose weight. I was beginning to have aches and pains due to being overweight too. Instead of taking medication for his bad cholesterol, Bob had heard about "The Spectrum" by Dr. Dean Ornish, so he bought the book and we both read it and started our new LIFESTYLE CHANGE. You do not have to give up any food you like to be on this plan. You just eat that food you like less often and in less amounts. We changed from eating white pasta to wheat pasta, white rice to brown rice, limited baked goodies made with white flour and white sugar (I gave them up totally!) and we switched from white potatoes to sweet potatoes. We have been eating more vegetables, fruits and less meat. When we eat meat, it is basically chicken and fish. And of course, incorporating exercise in our day. Within a year, Bob has lost nearly 30 pounds and I have lost a little less than 20 pounds. And when Bob had his doctor visit, his cholesterol was back in line where it needs to be. Dr. Dean Ornish states that you have to make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE to lose weight. "Diets" do no good. Most people who go on "diets", end up losing weight initially, just to put it all back on and a little more besides. I believe that "The Spectrum" is the way to go. This is one "diet" that Bob and I will stick to for the rest of our lives.

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