Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Do you notice anything different about me? Probably not. Even if you looked at me closer, I'm sure you won't see my new hearing aids. Yes, I finally got two new hearing aids today! They are very tiny and sit behind my ears with clear wires running into my ear canals. I've needed them for many years, I'm sure. While I was in the audiologist's office, and as soon as he turned them on, I heard a bird! I looked around the office expecting to see a bird flying around the room or maybe in a cage that I had missed seeing somewhere in the corner. But no! The bird was outside . . . sitting in a tree. . . across the street. . . on the other side of a glass window!! Right now EVERYTHING seems VERY LOUD! The audiologist told me that the sounds really aren't that loud. They are just audible to me now. So don't try to whisper behind my back. I CAN HEAR YOU NOW!

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