Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favorite Photos I Have Taken

Around the year 1991, when I was living in Tulsa, OK, I read in the newspaper that a man by the name of Bill Walker was offering some photo classes. In 1985 I started taking some photo classes basically to learn how to use an SLR camera that my husband and I had bought many years prior to that, but we had never used it since we didn't know how to operate it. I talked my friend Steve King into taking this class from Bill Walker with me since he also was interested in photography. Bill's first class was on how to photograph outdoor Christmas lighting. This is one of the photos that I learned how to create. This photo was shot from the Rhema Bible College parking lot. This decorated Christmas tree was on top of a building at Rhema. I used a one second exposure and zoomed my lens at the same time. Steve and I ended up taking about two years of photo classes from Bill Walker and we learned a lot. If you would like to see more of my photos that I took while I was in those classes, here is the link -- Some of these photos were not from the class, but they are definitely some of my most favorite photos that I have taken.

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