Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggitty Jog

It's nice to finally be back home. A week ago last Saturday, I drove to Tulsa in a rental car -- a Saturn View SUV -- with Bob behind me in our Mercedes. We spent the night with Bob's brother. On Sun., Bob played golf with his two brothers and I spent the day with my son Corbin and his family. I stayed overnight with them and I hit the road by myself on Mon. a.m. headed to Springfield, IL, where I stayed the week at my mom's house. I actually enjoyed the 8-hr. drive by myself. I listened to a Janet Evanovich book on CD. My brother and niece from MA and my sister from Elgin, IL were there also. Mom sold her house and we helped her do some packing, a garage/moving sale and we got things ready for the Salvation Army to pick up on Tues. We also got to see family and friends, so it was a good trip. I probably SHOULD have stayed there this week too to help Mom with her move into an assisted living home on Thursday and the closing of her house on Friday, but I missed Bob and the cats and I was ready to get back to Dallas. Mom has several good neighbors who offered to help her this week. We had a tour and lunch at Brendon Gardens where Mom is moving, so I feel better about all of this now. I think Mom will enjoy her time there once she gets settled. And she found out that she has friends there already! Now, I need to find places for all of the stuff I brought back from Mom's house! This won't be an easy task in our two-bedroom apartment that is already filled to the hilt! Of course, everything I brought back is way too valuable to get rid of -- cookbooks, dolls, glassware, old photos and other odds and ends. So, I'd better get off of the computer and start unpacking!

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