Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

On the way home from work tonight, I saw lightening to the north of Dallas. We made one stop at the cleaners and then, we saw very dark clouds. Bob said he saw the dark clouds heading south and clouds to the south of us heading north. He said we might have some exciting weather come through. I was hoping that they would bring some rain to downtown and maybe some lightening too. I love to watch storms and lightening from our 17th floor perch. We have a great, unobstructed view from our windows that look to the east and south for anywhere from 5 - 10 miles, I think. We hadn't been home for more than 10 minutes when Corbin called and as I was talking to him, I saw a rainbow over the east part of Dallas. I got off the phone and photographed this rainbow. Then, I heard a lot of noise. Bob was upstairs, so I hollered up at him and asked him what was he doing up there making all the racket! He said he wasn't doing anything and he told me to look out the windows. Hail!!! About the size of quarters! It was hitting our windows hard too. We have nearly floor to ceiling windows and I was getting a bit scared that the hail would come flying right through one of them. But, thank goodness the hail only collected on our windowsills. We had about 5 minutes of rain, then it all stopped and the sun came back out. That was our exciting weather!

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