Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pearl Necklace for Doggie

This isn't just ANY pearl necklace that a woman would wear. This is for my friend Rhonda's Chihuahua! Rhonda sent me an email a few days ago and told me that she took her dog to the vet and she saw a dog in the vet's office that had a pearl necklace on. So she wanted one for her dog! Since she knows that I do beading, she asked me if I had made any necklaces for dogs. I hadn't even thought about it. So today when I had the car, I went to Michael's and picked out some faux pearls and I made this necklace for Rhonda's Chihuahua. I added 3 crystal rondelles in the front of it just to add some pizazz! I think I'll add it to my website and maybe someone else would like a necklace for their doggie.

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