Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bob's Sad Watch

Bob and I drove up to Bentonville, AR for the weekend to visit his daughter Amy, her husband Jonathan and their three sons, Samuel (11), Jezreel (9) and Daniel (4). We had a wonderful weekend with them. Daniel is at the age where he says such funny things. We were riding in the car with the 3 boys in the back seat after one of their basketball games. They were very quiet, then Daniel said, "You are an OLD Grandpa!" I asked him if I am an OLD Grandma, but he said "NO!" They learn very young what to say to a woman! Last night Amy, Jonathan, Bob and I were sitting at the kitchen table playing a game that Jonathan has designed and created. Daniel came into the kitchen and was hanging on Bob's arm. He said, "Grandpa, you have a sad watch!" We all had to take a look at Bob's watch and indeed, it does look "sad". It reminds me of one of my favorite commercials. It is an American Express commercial with the faces from every day things such as a chair, purse, boat, etc. You can see the commercial on You Tube at:

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