Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookbooks with Wonderful Memories

My niece Emilie is getting married this Saturday. I wish that Bob and I could go to Indiana for her wedding, but we can't. Last Saturday she had a wedding shower and her friends brought dishes of food and the recipes for her. I was invited, but again, I didn't get there. So instead, I made a cookbook with all of the recipes I have from Emilie's Grandma Jacquie, great-grandparents and a great-aunt. I scanned around 30 recipes that have most of their original hand-writing on them. I printed the recipes out and took them to Office Max to be bound with laminated covers. I found photos of Emilie from when she was little and used the photos for the front and back covers. I LOVE recipes and cooking and I have been collecting recipes and cookbooks for a very long time. I was fortunate to have gotten a lot of wonderful family recipes from my grandparents, as well as my ex-husband's mother and grandparents who were all great cooks. Since I missed Emilie's sister's and brother's weddings, I made cookbooks for all of them too, with photos of them on the covers. I hope they will enjoy trying out some of their family's recipes, enjoy the stories I included on some of the recipes and looking at the photos.

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