Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Artwork Added to Moody Gallery of Art

Did you know that the Bob and Linda Moody household have their very own art gallery -- The Moody Gallery of Art? Well, we do! We have many talented family members and we have chosen to display the artwork from all of them in our home. We still have yet to receive art work from a couple of family members, but when we do, we will display them proudly. Here is a painting by Jezreel Bell, Bob's 8 year old grandson who lives in Bentonville, AR. Jezreel painted this last year when he was in second grade. He gave us his piece of art work when we were at their home in December and I finally bought a frame and hung it up. If you would like to see our other pieces of artwork that we have displayed in our home, you can see them at this Shutterfly album website --


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