Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Beading!!

I was itching to get back to my beadwork after doing some traveling and other things that required my time. I bought beads for a necklace in Illinois that I wanted to put together (pic not shown), and that started it. Then, my friend Rhonda sent me an email and asked me to make her Chihuahua a pearl necklace. I was planning to get out only the beads I needed for those two projects, but then I received my new "Beadwork" magazine in the mail and I received an email from Beading Daily with an ad for a magazine with an article about Etsy in it. I bought the magazine and then I had dozens of ideas of new beaded jewelry I wanted to make! I went bead shopping on Saturday and I found these colorful, glass, flower beads. I've been thinking about them day and night and planning what I'm going to make with them. Today I asked for the car so I could do more bead shopping. I also want to do more fiber and bead projects, so the photo on the right is one of my projects. I'll post this necklace on my website -- -- to be sold. I used multi-colored ribbon yarn to wrap the pendant (which is really a large hoop earring I found at Target!). I'll post a photo of my new beaded project made with the flower beads when it's completed.

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