Thursday, August 6, 2009

Doctor Day

Today I had TWO doctor appointments. Last week I had my annual physical and today I went back to get the results of all of my tests I had to take. My doctor is extremely thorough. He's taking a new job in Temple, TX at the end of this month and I sure will miss him! He's THE BEST doctor I've ever had! Anyway, all of my tests were "excellent"! He said that all of my complaints -- rash, allergies, hot flashes, aches and pains -- are minor. I can take meds for all of that, but I don't. I do have some hearing loss, so this afternoon I went to the audiologist. I'd never gone to an audiologist before. He was very thorough too. First, he cleaned the wax build-up from my ears. Whew! There sure was a lot of it! I'm sure I can hear a bit better now. He did lots of hearing tests and he told me afterwards that my hearing loss is hereditary. How he knew that is beyond me! My dad does wear hearing aids and my mother has hearing loss, but no aids yet. My sister has bad hearing, she says. We always chalked it up as yelling at teenagers for my sister. She teaches high school art. My brother is still young yet, so hopefully no hearing problems -- yet. I can get hearing aids for both ears, but they are very costly. With me not working, I doubt it will be anytime soon. And we need a new car before I get hearing aids, I'm sure. So, if you chat with me, please be patient. I probably can't hear what you are saying!

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