Monday, August 31, 2009

Buzzard Billy's

This is a photo of a restaurant called Buzzard Billy's in Waco, TX. Bob and I stopped there for dinner on Saturday on the way back from a trip to Austin to visit my aunt Eileen and cousin Larry. We saw a billboard for this restaurant and it sounded intriguing by the name. It's funny how certain names of things like restaurants, movies, books, etc., pique your interest just by the name of it. At least they do for me. I wanted to see it or visit it just by reading the name "Buzzard Billy's" on the billboard. I am hoping that by naming my jewelry business NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things that this will pique someone's interest into looking further. I am closing down my website, but I am still keeping the name and I have opened up a shop on Etsy. My new jewelry website is open for business under the address Does this pique your interest into looking at it further? I hope so!

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