Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Errand Day!

No, these aren't photos of my newest jewelry creations, but I'll be posting some soon, after I make them. Bob let me use the car today, so I ran various errands. I had a 25% off coupon at Borders bookstore, so I purchased this new book on jewelry -- "1000 Inspirational Jewelry Ideas". I also cleaned out my bookshelf at home and I had a huge bag of books that I'd read that I took to the used bookstore. I received $30 in store credit and $5 cash! I used the $5 cash at Michael's Craft store on some items I needed for my jewelry making. I also had a coupon for 40% off and I saved $1.20 on one of my purchases. Then, I headed to the mall for lunch at La Madeleine's and to walk the mall for exercise and to get jewelry ideas from the window displays. A couple of weeks ago when I ate lunch at La Madeleine's, there was a phone number to call on my receipt and if I called and participated in a survey, I received a free pastry or dessert. I used that today too. I say I had a very profitable day! I'm sure that Bob would tell me that I would have saved a lot more money if I hadn't gone out today at all. But, I really NEEDED the book and a girl has to eat, right?

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