Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chain Style Necklace

Not all of the ideas for my jewelry are 100% my own ideas. I look through beading books and magazines and clothing catalogues that come in the mail. I take a walk at the mall and look at jewelry, look at jewelry ladies wear, and many other places. Sometimes when I'm standing in the shower I even see patterns on the wall in the marble that give me an idea for my next piece of jewelry! No kidding! The beading books and magazines have instructions in them so you can make an exact piece of jewelry. They list every detail down to the place where you can buy a particular bead, chain, finding and so on. Since I'd rather be creative instead of just copying a picture to the exact detail, I try to use their idea but use the beads I have on hand in my bead boxes. This is what I did yesterday. I have this "Chain Style" bead book and I love the necklace on the cover of it. I decided to copy it, using the beads I had in my bead boxes. The photo on the left is my necklace I made using the idea on the cover of "Chain Style". My sister said she likes mine better!! :-) (She made the ceramic heart bead.)

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