Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday in Sarasota

On Saturday, we drove over to Sarasota. We had a lot of friends to visit with there since we lived in Sarasota for 6 1/2 years. Bob dropped me off at the Dutch Heritage restaurant for lunch so I could see my former Red Hat Society lady friends. There were 18 of us there. They don't wear the Red Hats and purple outfits any longer or call themselves the Sorority of the Red Hat Sisters that we did when I was living there and organizing the outings. Now, there is just a group of women, mostly from St. Paul Lutheran Church, who go out to lunch once a month. Bob met a former business associate for lunch. Then, Bob and I went to visit our friends, Dick & Gail, and to stay all night with them. We met Dick & Gail through our mutual friend Jeanette who lives in Atlanta. Jeanette has known Dick & Gail much longer than she has known me, which is about 26 years. She told me about her friends who had just moved to Sarasota and she gave me their phone number. I called and arranged a time to meet them. Well, the four of us just hit it off and we became good friends. We went out to dinners and met at each other's homes for meals and friendship over the years we were in Sarasota. Bob and I took them to dinner Saturday night and then we watched "My One and Only" movie at their house. It was a wonderful evening with good friends!

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