Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 2

Today, Bob and I hung out with Zach & Katie. It was a FUN day! We went to breakfast at a little, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Those are always the best kinds of restaurants! It was actually brunch, as we didn't get there until 11 a.m. We couldn't decide what we wanted to do for the day, so we went to Zach's apartment. Zach had gotten PS3 for Christmas with a game called Rock Band. They decided that Bob and I needed to watch them play the game. Katie was on the guitar and Zach played the drums. It looked interesting, but not enough for me to want to try it. Then, we went to see "Avatar". This is not a movie that I wanted to see, but Zach, Katie and Bob wanted to see it, so I tagged along. It was pretty good for a Star Wars-y type of movie. Afterwards, Zach took us to a coffee house called "Hey Cafe". Zach is friends with the owner and he helped paint the walls, redo the floor and various other projects. It was fun to see this cafe that we heard so much about. And they have THE BEST Brownies EVER!! We ran some errands then went to dinner at one of my favorite Tampa restaurants called Ciccio & Tony's. I love their salad called a "Chop, Chop". We are eating well and we'll have to do a lot of exercising and dieting when we get back to Dallas! Day 2 is about done and it is going much too fast!

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