Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dallas Stars vs Calgary Flames

Bob and I went to an exciting hockey game last night. I really don't enjoy watching most sports games, but hockey moves fast and for a sports game, I don't mind watching one in person. I don't care to watch any sports games on TV. Bob won the tickets at his office Christmas party. He had four tickets, so we invited our friends Steve and Cindy to go with us. Cindy is a HUGE Stars fan and she even wore her jersey to the game! I guess we invited the right people to go with us. Calgary Flames were ahead of the Dallas Stars for a lot of the game, but the Stars tied it up at the end. They went into a five minute overtime, but no one scored. Then, they had a shoot-out. I remember the shoot-outs from my days of watching my sons play soccer. Quite exciting! The third Stars player finally put the puck in the goal and won the game for the Dallas Stars! We all -- Dallas residents anyway -- went home happy!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm afraid I feel the opposite you do... I think hockey is the one sport that's as dull as watching paint dry. I have tried watching it on tv before and I just can't! I like games with strategy and I just don't see it in hockey. But to each his own, glad you enjoyed it!