Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 4 - Lake Placid

Day 4 of our Florida trip, Bob and I drove to Lake Placid. Daddy & Susan live there. Daddy & Susan met in a community band about 17 years ago. Susan plays the trumpet, coronet and French horn. Daddy plays clarinet and sax. I came to FL in Nov. 1994 when they got married. I was their official photogapher then. Daddy is a retired writer who never retired fully from writing. Susan has worked off an on at various office jobs. They are still playing in community bands. Susan likes to do scrapbooking and Daddy is writing books and musicals. We will be staying with them through Friday. Susan says she isn't much of a cook, but she had a yummy tuna and noodle casserole waiting for us when we arrived last night. Bob and I stopped on the way to Lake Placid at the Fantasy of Flight museum in Polk City. This is a great trip, visiting friends, family and seeing some sites we didn't see while we lived in FL.

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