Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sea Glass Necklace

When we were in FL, we visited my sister-in-law, Chris, who lives in Vero Beach. Chris has been collecting sea glass for many years. The day we were visiting, we took a walk on the beach and she found three pieces of the sea glass. My eyes are not trained to look for sea glass apparently. I only see shells and unusual rock formations on the beach. And I did pick up a few really beautiful shells and rocks that I am going to try to work into jewelry. When we got back to Chris's house, she showed me her four containers of sea glass that she has been collecting. She dumped them all out and she told me to pick out some pieces of it to take home with me. Here is a necklace I made with the sea glass I brought home. Chris told me not to sell the jewelry I make with the sea glass. I will definitely keep this necklace for myself. But, I do have quite a few other pieces of the sea glass and I think I will make a necklace or two to sell on my website. Please forgive me, Chris!

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