Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Misunderstandings -- I hate them!!

I hate misunderstandings! (Or, miscommunications -- whatever you want to call them). I'm having problems with my AT&T emails. At home we use Thunderbird for reading and writing emails. But, for some reason AT&T wants to filter my emails and put a lot of the LEGITIMATE emails into a SPAM folder. My SPAM folder in Thunderbird is always empty, but when I was in FL last week and read my emails from the AT&T website instead, I found 9 LEGITIMATE emails in my SPAM folder!! And one of the emails was from a friend whom I was trying to get in contact with for lunch before I left home. She thought I was going to meet her and I didn't read her email until I was already in FL! I've tried to fix it on the AT&T website, but I haven't found out yet how to do it.

And, before we left on our trip to FL, I wanted to get a prescription refilled for my allergy nasal spray. My doctor's office told me they would call the prescription in to Walmart, as it is one of those $4.00 prescriptions if I use the generic. I drove to Walmart today to pick it up and the pharmacist handed me a $68 bottle of pills!! I guess I'll be sneezing awhile longer until this gets straightened out!

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