Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buster & Rowdy

My cats, Buster & Rowdy, miss me. Their routine has been upset since we spent a week in Illinois and I've been working a temp job for the past two weeks. I haven't spent any time the past few weeks sitting in my computer chair at home, where the cats take turns sitting on my lap. And I haven't watched much TV in the evenings because I've had too many other things to get caught up on that I haven't been able to do during the daytime since I've been gone or working. Since I haven't worked in two years, Buster & Rowdy have gotten used to having me at home so they can hop on my lap every time I sit down. They take turns sitting on me, but one of them sits and stares at me and the cat on my lap until it is his turn to sit on me. They are very affectionate kitties. Whoever it was that said cats are independent, is not describing my cats. They love having me at home and they stay by my side constantly. Since we returned from Illinois, BOTH cats have been sleeping with us. And this morning when I was in the bathroom putting on my make up, Rowdy got up on the closed toilet seat, knocked the toilet paper off the dispenser (It just slides on.) and proceeded to chew the paper! I wasn't paying any attention to him and I didn't realize what he had done until AFTER I had applied all of my make up! Tonight when I get home from work, I'd better sit down on the couch and pet my kitties for awhile. I think they need some TLC.

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