Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lizards Everywhere!

Today when I was having lunch with my friend Rise who works at Lincoln Plaza, she reminded me of a funny story that I thought I'd write about in my blog. When we lived in Sarasota, there were lizards (geckos) EVERYWHERE! When you walked out the door, they would scurry around left and right into the grass and bushes. They climbed on the house and the windowsills and Buster & Rowdy always tried to catch them -- even when the lizards were outside. If the lizards got into the house, which they often did, the cats sat and waited until they came out from under the dining room hutch, couch or wherever. Sometimes the cats would catch the lizards. If they did, the lizards didn't last very long. Usually the cats would eat them. Sometimes they would eat only half of the lizard and then leave the other half for me to find. One day I came home from work and Buster met me at the garage door and he started meowing at me. I didn't pay any attention to him or follow him and he kept it up until I followed him into the living room. There in the middle of the floor was half a lizard! Just for me! I said, "Nice kitty" and patted him on the head and promptly removed the lizard to outside. Another time on my first day of work at Westfield mall, I was in the conference room for a meeting right after I arrived at work, and I felt something in my shoe. I removed the shoe and tipped it over. Out fell a dead LIZARD!! I'm sure one of the cats left it for me as a present. Nothing says LOVE like a LIZARD in the shoe!!

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