Monday, October 5, 2009

First Etsy Order!!!!!!

Making the decision to change from my personal jewelry website to Etsy is a good decision. I made this change on August 23rd. With my personal website, I couldn't get over the hump of selling my jewelry outside of my circle of friends and family. It is a good feeling that my friends and family want to wear my jewelry creations, but I want to expand my business and sell to people I don't know. As every morning, I fix my cup of tea and turn on my computer to read/write my emails, look at my Facebook account and plan my day. This morning when I read my emails, there was an order confirmation from Etsy. I had placed an order on Etsy recently for a pendant and I have several other items earmarked to buy soon. So, at first when I read my email from Etsy, I thought it was about MY order I had placed. Then, it dawned on me that someone bought something from MY Etsy website! I was so excited when I finally figured it out! This is a photo of my FIRST Etsy order outside of my circle of friends and family. On Friday, I made this bracelet that I named "Elegance" and I posted it on Etsy last night. I'll be walking in the rain today to the post office to mail off my first Etsy order. I'm sure I won't even notice the rain.

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