Monday, October 19, 2009

Same Kind of Different As Me

Last week when Bob and I were in the car for 12 hours, driving from Dallas to Springfield, IL, I read this book -- "Same Kind of Different As Me". Two of my friends had recommended that I read it. It was a WONDERFUL story about a black homeless man (Denver Moore), a white wealthy man (Ron Hall) and Ron Hall's wife (Deborah Hall), who live in Ft. Worth/Dallas. I won't give away any of the details about the book. Just read it for yourself! It is a very touching story about faith and loving all people for who they are on the inside. Since Bob and I live in downtown Dallas, we see a lot of homeless people. They hang out downtown during the daytime since they have no place else to go. Many of them stay on the streets at night, but some do go to shelters. I have become friends with Bradley and Darryl. They are "Zine" vendors, making their money by selling these newspapers about the homeless issues. Bradley stands on the Starbucks corner across the street from our apartment building. I bought his newspaper now and then when I was walking back and forth from the law office where I temped for 3 months. He was always very pleasant and we exchanged names and then more and more information as the time went on. I meet Bradley for tea at Starbucks every couple of weeks or lunch now and then and we each talk about what is going on in our lives. It's nice to have a friend like Bradley, who has a great sense of humor and keeps me laughing. He says I do the same for him. Darryl sells his newspapers on the corner in the opposite direction from our apartment building -- by the Urban Market & Cafe. Darryl loves to talk and tell you about the Lord. I've learned a lot by chatting with Darryl. I feel very blessed to have these two homeless friends in my life.

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