Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pearls Are a Girl's Best Friend

Yesterday I made a pearl charm bracelet. This looks much easier than it was and that was because I decided I needed some beaded beads on it. I blogged on July 7th about making beaded beads. Well, making PEARL beaded beads were not the same as making the other beaded beads and making the pearl ones were NOT easy! I had to buy special "needles" for the project, as my beading needle I already had did not fit through the tiny holes in the pearls. These "needles" came in a package of 12 and I didn't know why there were so many. Usually when you buy needles in a package, they are in different sizes if there is more than one needle. Well, I soon found out that after you draw the Fireline (which is basically fishing wire) through the pearl on the special "needle", the eye collapses somewhat. And the Fireline wire didn't stay in the "needle" even though the eye had collapsed. Needless to say, I went through many "needles" just to make 3 of the beaded beads. The other two beaded beads are for another project. I put the word "needles" in quotes because these special "needles" are some kind of stiff fiber and not the usual metal. And they are very long. I had to cut them down about half in size to be able to use them. This bracelet will be for sale on my website --

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