Thursday, October 8, 2009

Driving in Dallas Can Be Challenging

Driving in Dallas can sometimes be quite challenging. At times, it was challenging to drive in other places that I've lived too. Tulsa was the best place to drive, as all the streets go north, south, east or west in one mile increments. In Sarasota, you have the OLD people who don't know how to drive or where they are going. In Dallas, you get into lanes that just all of a sudden become "exits only" or as in my case, I just don't know where they end up. Today when I was running my errands, I was on Spring Valley Rd. and I wanted to go to Forest & Preston Rd. I could have just headed west on Spring Valley to Preston, then south on Preston to get to where I was headed. But no, I decided it was FASTER to go on I-75 expressway and get off on the Forest exit. Little did I know that you have to get off on the "Coit/Forest" exit and when you get off, it is one way headed north on Coit, when I read a sign that said "Forest" with an arrow pointing the way I was headed -- north on Coit! Now, this was very confusing to me. Where in the world was Forest? I ended up back on Spring Valley Rd. and took it to Preston like I should have done before I made my scenic tour of the expressway in Dallas. When I lived in Dallas from 1996 - 2001, I refused to drive on the expressways. I worked only three miles from where we lived on the "M" streets and our church, grocery stores and the major mall was within 5 miles of where we lived, so I didn't have to drive on the expressways. But, now that I'm doing the beading and I have to go to every bead store in Dallas to buy my supplies, I have to drive on the expressways or put up with a million stop lights. Oh, the challenges of driving in Dallas. But, I do love being back here and I wouldn't move anywhere else if you paid me to!

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