Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The BEST Hubby in the Whole World!!

I thought these two photos and many others had been lost when my computer crashed in May. I asked my sister and several friends if they happened to have saved some of the pictures I was looking for, but none of them had the photos. Bob bought me a new computer for Christmas 2007, but he kept my old hard drive. He said he thought he could retrieve whatever I had on my old hard drive and maybe some of the photos I was looking for were there. Bob tried copying the old hard drive to a CD, but the CD would not work in my computer or on his. He then put my old hard drive into his computer and copied all the files onto his hard drive. Then, he took an external hard drive and copied all of my old files onto it, then onto my new computer. Voila!! I now have all of my photos and documents that I thought I had lost forever!! Bob is THE BEST HUBBY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

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