Monday, May 10, 2010

From My Afternoon Walk

I decided that I needed to take a walk and clear my head of some negative thoughts. They say that exercising boosts the endorphins that make you feel good. I needed some of that today. On my walk, I found a golf ball in what used to be the Hank Haney Driving Range across the street from our apartment. I occasionally walk through the grass there to take a short cut to our apartment if I have had enough walking. I look at the ground a lot these days when I'm walking, as I have fallen a few times and this area is very lumpy. Bob says I'm not the most balanced "little filly". I also look at the ground for "found objects" to use in my bead work. I see these unique pieces of jewelry with "found objects" and I think it would be fun to make a piece with some "found objects" of my own. Well, I did make a bracelet with some of these "found objects" when I was looking through a box of some of Cavan's items I have. You can see the bracelet and read about it on my blog dated June 23, 2009, "In Memory of Cavan". Anyway, back to the golf ball, I see that is says "Limited Range" on it. I Googled that and it says it is made to travel less distance than an average golf ball. I suppose I should throw it in the trash then. I don't play golf, but Bob does and I'm sure he won't want to use a ball with "limited range". Maybe when I take my walk tomorrow I will find something more useful.

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