Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lots and Lots of Beads!

DeWayne, the recipient of Cavan's liver and left kidney and lives in Jacksonville, FL, called me last week and he was very excited. He had been to a garage sale and found a tackle box full of beads! He purchased them for $3.00 and then he sent them to me! He's the sweetest! The package of beads arrived today and I spent some time sorting them out to see what all was in the box -- homemade polymer clay beads in lots of colors, acrylic beads, lots of buttons, pearl beads, plastic beads, seed beads, bone pendants and lots of odds and ends kinds of beads that I haven't identified yet. I'm looking forward to looking at these beads and trying to figure out what kinds of jewelry I can make them into. If you ever see any beads at garage sales or if you have any broken strands of necklaces or bracelets, send them to me and I'll send you money for postage. I am very excited about my new bead collection!

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