Monday, May 17, 2010

Silver & Gold Buyers

When I was cleaning out my dresser drawer, I found quite a few necklace chains that were tangled, kinked, unworn and some without clasps on them. I decided to take four of them to a Silver & Gold Buyer to see if they were real and if I could get any money for them. Three of the four were real silver and gold and I received $45 for them! Here are the rest of them. I do want to keep a couple of them, but I think I'll take the rest that I don't want to keep to the silver & gold buyer and see if I can make more money on them. I have read these articles about eBay that tell you to look through your junk drawers and closets and that you might have a gold mine and not even know it. I think I'll clean out my drawers and closets and see what else I can find that is unused. I am going to a bead show this weekend so the extra money will come in handy!

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