Thursday, May 27, 2010

If I Made New Year's Resolutions

If I made New Year's resolutions, which I don't, here are some I would make. I saw this article in one of my bead magazines and it is definitely MY mantra!

I will never have enough beads.
I will never have the right colors when I want them.
I will never have enough time to bead.
I can never collect too many magazines or books about beading.
I will bring home new beads in the exact colors I already have.
I will always "need" to go to a bead shop or bead show.
I will sacrifice any manicure for a good beading session.
I will sacrifice sleep so I can keep beading.
I will always gladly spend my allowance on beads.
I will continue to buy the same colors because I like them.
I will not try new colors just because someone said I am in a rut.
I will try new colors and never use them again.
I will run out of beads one row before I finish something.
I will run out of a color one bead before finishing something.
I will gain weight from sitting at my bead table.
I won't care about weight because jewelry is one size fits all.
I will want to keep for myself half of the things I make as gifts.
I will want to give as gifts half the things I make to sell.
I will need ever higher strengths of reader glasses.
My cat deserves credit for some of my designs.
I will always want to start something new before finishing what I'm working on.
I will start at least two new projects before finishing the one in progress.
I will start something new before cleaning up, so my work area keeps shrinking as the mess gets bigger.

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