Sunday, May 23, 2010

Renaissance Bead Show - Grapevine, TX

My friend Mary Kulpon and I drove to Grapevine today for the Renaissance Bead Show. Mary had never been to a bead show and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She didn't get around to all of the vendors though. We were there for nearly three hours as it was. I went to this bead show last year and it was my first one. I was very overwhelmed to say the least. I have been to several bead shows since then, so I was prepared. Usually when I go to bead shows, I buy things I like and then try to incorporate them into jewelry projects. This time I decided to make a list before I went of things I needed for jewelry projects. Well, I still ended up buying a couple items I wasn't looking for, but all of these beads will eventually be used. So watch my website and blog for the jewelry I make with these beautiful beads.

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