Thursday, May 27, 2010

New May Jewelry

I am creating a lot of new beaded jewelry right now, as I have new beads from the Renaissance Bead Show I went to last Sunday, as well as beads from the bead stores in Tulsa and Kansas City. The dichroic pendant is from a bead store in Tulsa. I added a strand of seed beads, a blue silk cord and a blue silk ribbon.

The turquoise pendant came from a silver and gold buyer. Last week I took some kinked gold and silver chains and exchanged them for cash. He had a box with odds and ends in it and I bought this pendant. I used turquoise nuggets and silver spacers on the necklace. The two silver charms are from a pair of earrings I bought from Goodwill. (See my blog from March 13 on the jewelry I bought at the Goodwill store. I sent the other earring to my sister to use in a piece of jewelry.)

The green and blue focal bead on this necklace was purchased from Lumina Inspirations at the Renaissance Bead Show in Grapevine. I added copper colored seed beads and blue and green Swarovski crystals up the sides.

All of these necklaces can be purchased from my website:

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