Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love Makes the World Go 'Round

Here is my newest piece of jewelry I just finished. It is made with a laminated canceled stamp from Uruguay. There are chains with "little people" dangling from them. The little people are from train sets. I found them at Hobby Lobby. I saw this idea in a new book, Jewelry & Accessories from Everyday Objects. When Cavan was young, he wanted to collect stamps. I saw an ad to receive some free stamps, which I did and I happened to run across this envelope of these stamps recently when I was cleaning out my bag of scrapbooking items. I do not know what happened to any of the other stamps he had been collecting. Anyway, I think this necklace is very unique and fun. I will put it for sale on my website -- www.neeneeandcheechee.etsy.com

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