Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Saturday!

Bob and I decided to do something FUN today before we ran our Saturday errands. When my Red Hat ladies met for lunch last Saturday, we were discussing where we wanted to go for our next outing and lunch in November. Pastor Mae Jean suggested a restaurant in the Bishop Street Arts District in Oak Cliff called "Hatties". I had never been to Oak Cliff until today. Bob and I rarely venture south of the city. All of our errand running, favorite restaurants and haunts are all north of downtown. So, traveling south of the city was an adventure for us. Chad, who goes to our church works at Bishop Street Market and I've heard a little about it too. So, Bob and I drove the 3.3 miles to Oak Cliff and the Bishop Street Arts District. It is a small area with little unique shops, art galleries and restaurants. We walked through the shops and art galleries before we decided to have lunch at Hunky's. This was basically a hamburger place, but they did have some chicken and other dishes to choose from on their menu. It was a FUN day and I'm definitely looking forward to going back with my Red Hat ladies and to try Hattie's for lunch.

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