Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Since I'm bragging. . .

Now I need to brag about my son Corbin! Here is a photo taken on my granddaughter, Carson's 5th birthday in Tulsa, OK, where Corbin and his family live. Corbin graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in petroleum engineering in May 1999. He works at Petrohawk in Tulsa. He and Christy got married 10 years ago and they just renewed their vows in Las Vegas to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They have three children, my darling grandkids -- Caty, who will be 8 in a couple of weeks, Carson who was 5 in July and Christian who is 17 mos. Christy taught school for a year, but now she is a stay-at-home mother. They are very active in their church and with their friends. Corbin & Christy have done a wonderful job raising their children and I'm very proud of them!

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