Monday, September 7, 2009

Swinging! Wheeeee!

Bob and I drove up to Tulsa for the Labor Day weekend to see our family who lives there and the ones who were also visiting. Both of Bob's daughters were there too. On Saturday, we spent the day with Amy (Bob's daughter), Jonathan (Amy's husband), Samuel (A & J's son who is 10), Jezreel (A & J's son who is 8), Daniel (A & J's son who is 3), Jenny (Bob's older daughter) and Bob's sister Suzanne and her grandson, Austin. First we all went to the aquarium. We saw seahorses, jelly fish, sharks and many other water creatures. After dinner at Zio's -- one of my favorite local restaurants -- we took the boys to Woodward Park. I found the swings right away. Swinging is one of my Top Ten Most Favorite Things I enjoy doing. Whenever I find a swing, I get on it and swing away. I don't know why I enjoy it so much, but I could swing for hours, I think. Now you're probably wondering what the other nine things are that are on my Top Ten List of Favorite Things To Do. You'll have to just use your imagination, as I'm keeping that to my self!

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