Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seafoam and Flowers

I have had a lot of time this week to sit down and do some beading. I can always think of other things I NEED to do, such as some much needed apartment cleaning, cut, file and polish my nails, etc., but I would rather do beading than about anything else when I am by myself. I am glad I have some time to make some new items. This is my newest creation. I bought the sea foam colored seed beads at a bead store that was no longer going to carry seed beads. They were the right price and I love the color. I found the green agate flowers at my favorite bead store here in town. I never realized that the flowers and the seed beads would go together until I was laying things out on my dining room table. I tried a couple of other designs first that did not work, but this one not only works, I really like the outcome of it too. This necklace is for sale from my Etsy store --

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