Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Hat Ladies!

I belonged to a Red Hat Society chapter when I lived in Sarasota. It was mostly a group of ladies from the church where Bob and I attended, St. Paul Lutheran Church. We called ourselves the Sorority of the Red Hat Sisters. We were together for nearly five years! I'm sure it would have continued to this day, but I moved to Dallas in October 2007 and I was the Queen Mother and organizer. I think the group had a couple more outings, but then it fell apart. I really missed being part of the Red Hat Society and I missed having the closeness with my women friends. So, I decided to try organizing a Red Hat chapter within our church here, Emanuel Lutheran Church. Today was our first outing. There were six of us who went to lunch at the Adolphus Hotel dining room. I think we were the only ones in the dining room, so it was very quiet and nice for talking and getting to know one another. We all had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to our next outing already, which will be in November.


  1. You are the best Linda! I'm so glad you started another "Sorority." We all still miss you and the fun times we shared in our group. Have fun! Debi in Sarasota.

  2. I sure do miss my Red Hat group in Sarasota. I hope I can visit soon and we can get the group together. I'll keep you posted.