Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Beading - Maybe!

My sister Cindy and her husband Mike arrived yesterday afternoon. Cindy and I had planned to spend nearly every minute of our time together beading, but things keep getting in the way. Such as fixing meals, cleaning up the kitchen and such. These men expect to EAT! Cindy and I could do with eating a carton of yogurt or a banana and not make any mess and just keep on beading. Last night after dinner and the kitchen was cleaned up, we finally got our beads out. We sat down and discussed some projects we wanted to do. I had to go upstairs for something and I saw a wet spot on the bed. Not good! I figured Buster or Rowdy had done something. I got closer to inspect the wet spot and something wet hit my head! I looked up and there was water dripping down from the ceiling!!! There was a huge spot on the ceiling and it looked like it was going to cave in at any minute. I hollered at Bob and we managed to scoot the bed over away from the dripping water. Of course, we had to strip the bed completely and turn the mattress over. This was nearly 10 p.m. when this happened. Why don't things like this happen earlier in the day? I called the emergency maintenance number and a maintenance man came right away. He discovered that no one was in the apartment above us at the time, but there was a dehumidifier that had overflowed. We have cement floors, so I have no idea how water can get through those. Anyway, we mopped up water, put blankets in the dryer and finally got to bed a little before midnight. No beading yesterday. :-( Today, we went to church, then Cindy and I got the beads out again and sat down to bead. Of course, we discovered right away that we were missing components for our projects that we had to do right then! We took a trip to Michael's Craft Store and some other errands. When we got home, it was dinner time, of course. Mike did help me with the cooking. We all wanted Gelato after dinner, so we got in the car and drove to the West Village. We walked in some of the little shops and I saw a beaded necklace that sparked an idea for one I want to make. But, I don't have all of the supplies. Tomorrow it will be a trip out to the bead shops. I sure hope I can sit down and make some beaded jewelry tomorrow.

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