Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Five Sixty

Today was a wonderful day on Day #2 of Bob & Linda's Excellent Adventure. We started off the day by walking on the Katy Trail. We could have walked to the West End in downtown and found the trail, but after looking at the map, we decided the trail would be easier to find by driving up to Mockingbird and starting from there. This is actually where the trail starts (or ends). It is a 3 1/2 mile trail if you walk from one end to the other, which we did not do. We were originally going to rent bicycles, but since Bob and I have been Couch Potatoes/Computer Nerds way too long and we figured the bike ride would do us in for the rest of our vacation. My legs hurt for 4 days after walking down the 17 flights of stairs last week when we had the fire alarm! After our walk, we came home and cleaned up. We went to a Mexican restaurant that is downtown for lunch. We ran a few errands afterwards. Bob got his hair cut and I found frames for several of Cavan's drawings. Cavan was quite a good artist and I want to hang his art work in our apartment in our Moody Gallery of Art. I had one of his pieces framed and hung, but after I found the folder with more of his art work, I decided to frame and hang more of them. Back home, we rested awhile, then we went to dinner at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant called Five Sixy. This is the new restaurant that is at the top of Reunion Tower -- the white ball that lights up at night. The restaurant revolves slowly and we made a little more than one revolution in the time that we had hor d'oeurves, dinner and dessert. Bob and I had gone there when it was Antares restaurant in 1996. This was for our first anniversary. It was very expensive and the food wasn't good at all at Antares. The best thing then was the thunderstorm and lightening to watch while we had dinner 56 stories up. Tonight it was WONDERFUL! Bob usually tells me I'm a cheap date, but not tonight!

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