Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Red Door

The Red Door. This is the name that I gave our church newsletter when I was asked by the pastor a couple of weeks ago to create one. This is a drawing of Emanuel Lutheran Church, where my husband and I are members. It has a Red Door. Why a Red Door? This is a good question. It's tradition, I was told. I looked at sites on Google to get a good answer and there is a lot of discussion and answers to this question. One answer was

"The red doors symbolize the blood of Christ, which is our entry into salvation. They also remind us of the blood of the martyrs, the seeds of the church."

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the newsletter that I am creating. I spent ALL DAY yesterday working on it. Pastor Zelle wanted the newsletter sent out to church members June 1st, but we found out that wasn't possible, since she just gave me the job duty the week before. So, hopefully I can get it out to members this week. I collected reports and I added some church news. My husband downloaded some free software that is similar to Publisher that I've used previously, when I wrote the newsletter for Westfield Mall where I worked in Sarasota, FL. The Scribus software is NOT user-friendly though, and I've had a rough time learning it. And I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer and when I receive the reports from church members, I was printing them out and re-typing them on my newsletter. When my husband got home last night, he asked me why I was doing that and I explained to him that I couldn't copy and paste from Word when it came up on my computer. He told me that all I had to do was save the file and then open it in the Word Processor! Boy, am I dumb! This is definitely a learning process.


  1. I like that name for the newsletter. Good Luck!

  2. I'm not sure if I made up the name or if I heard it from one of the ladies at the church who met with the pastor and me when we were discussing the newsletter. The pastor likes the name too. I think I'll enjoy writing it, but I need to get more comfortable with the software I'm using.