Friday, June 5, 2009

Fire Alarms!

This is a photo of the building where my husband and I live on the 17th floor -- the floor with the arched windows at the top. This morning at 5:22 AM, there was a fire alarm. A VERY LOUD, beeping alarm and a voice saying that there had been an emergency and that everyone was to WALK down the stairs and NOT to use the elevators! Bob and I got up, got dressed and I grabbed my purse and down the 17 flights we went. I told Bob that I sure was hoping it was not a REAL emergency, as we left Buster & Rowdy in the apartment. It would have taken a long time to round up the cats and get them into their travel bags. We looked out the windows before we left the apartment and we saw no fire trucks or any other emergency vehicles. On the way down the stairs, we saw NO ONE!! We both were wondering why we were the only ones going down the stairs. We peeked in the windows of the doors on the way down the stairs and we saw no one. Bob said that he hoped that our car wasn't burning up. I was secretly wishing that it WAS burning up! We finally made it down all 17 flights and walked outside. There were 3 other couples and Bob and me. I asked if we were the only SMART ones or were we the DUMB ones? One of the maintenance men for the building came around the corner and told us that someone had reached into the gate to the parking garage and pulled the fire alarm. There was no fire and no emergency! Well, we got our exercise this a.m. I went back to bed until 6 a.m. and Bob stayed up and got ready to go to work. I sure hope the rest of the day is quieter.


  1. Whew - what a scare. Glad there was no fire. Hopefully you did not have to walk back up the stairs!

  2. No, we got to use the elevator coming back up. Funny thing too. There were only 8 of us who were outside and we all lived on the 16th & 17th floors. My legs sure do hurt today!